Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New Mascot Chosen

Friday, December 9th we held a tryout and Kaylie Fouts was chosen!
Congratulations Kaylie on becoming Boyer Valley's 5th mascot ever.

CLICK HERE to see a PDF of the evaluation sheet that judges used to score our candidates.

CLICK HERE to see a PDF of the Excel worksheet that I used to average all of their scores together.

Each candidate had to get three teacher reccomendation forms, scoring the student in several categories. These scores are averaged into one score. CLICK HERE to see a PDF of the Teacher Evaluation form

Then I take their culmuative GPA and divide it by a possible 4.0, creating a 0-100 percentage.

Finally all of the judges' scores are averaged into a third score.

Those 3 scores averaged together are the candidates total score. This is pretty much the same process that's followed for cheerleaders too. So you see that I try to make it as objective as possible, so it's hard for me when candidates or their parents criticize me for playing favorites (CLICK HERE for an example).

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