Monday, March 07, 2005

Tryout Anxiety

This happens every year. Candidates talk about how much they hate tying out, but I holding tryouts too.

One girl I've been trying to recruit told me this morning that she's open enrolling to a different school next year. Another one isn't over a foot injury yet and want to heal up for Soccer anyway.

Our mascot has decided that he only wants to perform during football season next year, but not basketball.

My veteran with the most experience, who's also the best teacher, can't help me at all this week because she has to work.

There's a candidate who's was pretty uncoordinated back in junior high- when she was removed from the squad for stealing something from the opponents' locker room, but she's best friends with our only returning underclassman.

And of course, plenty of kids have said that they want to only come out for basketball season, but not football and they can't come to tryouts now anyway because they have to go to track practice.


Who knows. Maybe we'll only have 2 or 3 people on squad next fall. At least we'll save money on new uniforms!

Just once I'd like to have 20 candidates for 6 coveted spots. That actually happened to me a couple of times back at LA Lutheran.

Well, whatchyagonnado but pray and hope and wait. Amen

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