Thursday, March 10, 2005

Shoot a mile

Well, on paper I had 6 candidates. There was a rumor that I had a seventh.

When it came down to it today, there were only the two.

I wrote a long rant this morning when a student told me that two candidates weren't coming out because they didn't like the other people going out. There was some glitch with my computer or the net and it wouldn't post.

Another candidate was too frightened to tryout.

A third told me that she just thought she was too busy.

The three outgoing Seniors suggested not having tryouts, just taking anyone who comes out. If there actually were more than 8 in FB or 6 in BB then I could separate them into Varsity and JV.

I'm not sure what I'll do, but it would be hard to demand that the two diehards cheer as just a duo. On the other hand, I want to remain committed to them since they've shown such committment themselves.

I'm sure that the school would love to save money and just let the program die, I on the other hand genuiniely need what little stipend I have to help supplement our incomes.

Maybe we'll give it a shot without tryouts, or try again in May or August. Maybe we just focus on Jr Hi Cheer for a year. I guess I'll give myself some time to gather my wits about me, then I'll talk to those committed two and see how they think they'd like to proceed.

I gave the judges their cookies and pop and cut them loose. They went home to do homework or whatever. The two diehards moped on home too.

I'd do that too, but one of our judges is coming all the way from Omaha/Council Bluffs. She's a former cheerleader who graduated in 2002. She's been taking classes toward a coaching endorsement...

She comiserated with me. May as well head home. Time to start focusing on gettting a summer job instead of dealing with the soap opera that is cheerleading.

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