Thursday, March 31, 2005


I got a commitment from a freshman who's going to be a sophomore, let's call her Candidate 'E.'
She cheered in both 7th and 8th so she knows her stuff and she's competed in gymnastics at the State Fair!

So, worst case cenario we have two- best case, we're up to 5.

This is not an official school website, so I'm going to go ahead and breech that wall between church and state here and ask for your prayers. Please pray that our program will hold together, that we'll have at least 4 and at most 8 varsity cheerleaders for football season next fall. More importantly, please pray for candidates 'A' and 'B.'

I don't know what's going on in A's life right now, but she's very troubled. And I certainly didn't want to hurt B's feelings or embarrass her by what I said about her in my last post here. She' had a helluva year, so she also needs God's help, comfort, strength, and protection.

I really should praise my JrHi squad a lot more, they're really getting good. I should also thank Varsity Senior Kelli for how much she's helped me with them since 7th per is her studyhall. Of course, I'm a moody, tired bear by that time each day so I'm probably WAY too lazy with how hard I push them.

Some neat side notes;

I Got a cool baby present from Coach Christina (my successor at LALHS) she made a 3 tiered wedding cake out of rolled-up diapers and topped it with baby blocks. Adorable and useful too! Thanks Princess Coach!

I got a wedding invitation from Xela. She didn't cheer for me, she was on my wife's squad at LHS while I was still coaching JrHi- but she was my main teacher/ "Assistant Coach" like Kelli is this year and we got pretty close by email her first few yeras at college. We're WAY happy & excited for her.

When sending out one of my famous mass emails about this blog to all my former cheerleaders I got a undelivered message back on "Joey," (one of my goddaughters). So I guess I'd better send her some snail mail to make sure I can keep track of her.

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