Monday, March 07, 2005

Day One

Only two showed up. They were the veteran candidates. One freshman and one eight grader.
No outgoing Senior vets showed up to help. One is in track, two had to work, one was sick and missed school and one left school early for some reason (I suspect a prom-dress shopping trip with her mom).

Two rookie candidates said they didn't know it started today. That's why I've run announcemnts and hung posters with the dates the last two weeks.

We talked one eighth grader into coming out after all last minute, so she didn't have a ride.

One more person is in track and the women's track coach is pretty possesive of her time. (Did I put that diplomatically?)

And, one last candidate just plain didn't show. She's a little iffy anyway, undecided, uncommitted. Whatchyagonnado?

So, the three of us assessed our options. What can we expect from the candidates who weren't there? Who else could we recruit? Should we hold tryouts again in May and/or August or September?

And we just plain talked and I feel like I really got to know them better. And they learned a lot about each other. Hopefully that's good bonding time and barrier-break-down time, so at least we three will be able to work together to rebuild the program.

We'll see what tommorrow will bring.

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