Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Okay, so here's where we stand with Varsity:

Candidate 'A' would have been solid, but today told me that she may move to another state! :( I'm starting to worry about her since she's been pretty depressed for a while now.

Candidate 'B' very solid, but frankly, rumor has it that she scares away people who might otherwise have come out. Personality? Bossy? Reputation? I don't know. I can't rightly ask her to quit so that the "popular" kids will come out, but we can't have a one-person squad either. :( :( I care about her and have commited to her that I want to mentor her.

Candidate 'C' very shy, poor back, won't make a solid commitment- and there's no chance of getting her at all if candidate 'A' is gone. :(

Candidate 'D' won't give me a firm committment either. She's told me that candidate 'B' is not an issue for her when I pressed her. Today she told me that she's planning on going out for Basketball, so she'd only cheer durring Volleyball anyway. She claims to be trying to recruit other people to come out, but can't get any- I suspect that she'd commit if at least one other one of her friends would too. :(

And that's it. NO ONE else has approached me.

Now, as for Junior High:

We have four seventh graders who'll probably return as eighth graders. One more is in track, and another has kind of lattched on to me as her "favorite teacher," but her guardian doesn't like her being in cheer, he'd rather her be in a "real" sport. :)

Today a seventh grade boy told me he MIGHT be interested. He also said that his older sister would come back out for Varsity if he did. (she'd be "Candidate 'E'," she cheered in Jr Hi last year) Of course, I already know that their family is planning on open enrolling to a different school to get better service for their younger, special needs brother.

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