Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Winter Cheer Tryouts

I couldn't be more proud of or more happy with this season's squad, but so many students are interested in coming out for cheer, that we will be having tryouts for basketball season. I've said before, the increased interest is evidence of the great job the current squad is doing. You're making people want to be a part of it too. 

Don't be intimidated or worry too much about the competition, you've done the work, developed the skills and have the talent and experience to perform great in any tryout. And if somehow you don't make it back on, don't let it rock your world, choc it up to learning and growing and give it another try next Spring when we have tryouts for football season again.

Remember, there are three metrics I use to help me choose candidates; 1) the average of their three teacher-recommendations, 2) their GPA turned into a percentage, 3) and the average of judges scores at the actual tryout. This means that character is important, grades are important, and knowledge/skills/effort/talent are important. To be considered, candidates should have an aggregate score above 60%. Ultimately I reserve final determination and that's based on how well candidates will positively represent Boyer Valley, how well they can cooperate and collaborate with other cheerleaders, and how cooperative and coachable they'll be for me as the coach.

Candidates must have their physical & concussion paperwork current and submit their parental release form and teacher recommendation forms before they can tryout and be considered. Candidates should attend at least one, preferable two of the three tryout-practices.

2012-13 Basketball Cheerleading Tryouts
• Teacher Recommendation Forms, Parental Release Forms, Physicals, & Concussion forms due Fri. Nov. 2
• Tryout practices Nov. 5, 6, & 8
• Tryouts Friday, Nov. 9

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