Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jersey Auction THIS SUNDAY Sept.16

4:30 pm Homecoming Week Soup Supper
6:00 pm Jersey Auction & Coronation

>>First thing I need you all to know about it, is that I won't be there this year. Sorry. We have family coming from California, Kansas, and South Dakota this weekend for my in-law's 50th anniversary. I feel REALLY bad about it, especially since we have so many freshmen this year. But just follow the lead of Shannon Zehner, Jennifer Zehner, Tammy Zehner, Quincy, and Paula Ritterbush Eickholt- they'll get you through it.

>>BASIC JIST- You get on stage and the Schabens auction off your shell to raise money for the Athletic Boosters. We need this because the're gonna help us get new uniforms for next year. Your parents and/or grandparents may bid, but so will local businesses.

>>I won't make it "mandatory," in other words, I won't MAKE you attend, but it will really look bad if only 2 or 3 out of the 10 of you go. SO PLEASE TRY TO MAKE IT IF YOU CAN. However, I understand you don't all have rides, this was short notice since it slipped my mind, your parents may have other previous commitments for you, and after all, I won't be there (although XC and VB coaches often aren't there either).

>>Please try to be there by 5:45 or so. Unless you want to come eat, then by all means, come anytime after 4:15. Please bring your family and guests, this is a great way to support ALL the sports programs at BV (its not just about football, in spite of whatever you've heard). Sit together if you can and introduce each other's families and get to know each other.

>>Not enough old "jerseys"- usually we have them auction off old shells (tops) but since there's 9 (plus a mascot)  of you this year and the 2 alternates are stuck wearing older shells anyway, let's just bring your current uniform top- but IMPORTANT- YOU MUST KNOW WHO PAID FOR YOURS AND RETRIEVE IT FROM THEM BY NEXT THURS 9/20 so that you can wear it next Friday! Got that?

Chelsea Willis, you bring the older mascot head (whichever one you don't use), you'll still need to get it back from your donor, but its not as urgent that you get it by Thursday.

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