Tuesday, September 11, 2012


>>You all did a FANTASTIC job last Friday night. Thank you!

>>Van Time for Friday's away game in Stanton- 4:00PM
Bring money and we can have supper in either Harlan or Avoca

>>Warm-ups came in. If you're missing some and need them, please bring a $30 returnable deposit and pick yours out.

>>Please be sure to attend practice Thursday to be eligible to go Friday (except of course Zehners at XC)

>>If you can't come Friday, please let me know ASAP so that I can let alternates Jessica &/or Marissa know.

>>This week we've been working on back kneels and back stands. Today we got Kaitlyn up to a prep with an "elevator" instead of stepping up from a thigh stand. Just think if we had 6 or 8 people at practice and not just 4? Always 3:30-4:30 M-Th unless I let you know. No practice on early out Wed.

>>Next week we'll need to work together on the run-thru and the pep-rally; this one's the biggie, it will be Homecoming. I know XC runs the ball from Whiting or Sioux City or wherever, but it would be ideal if we can have Jennifer & Shannon at least one day next week. It might be better if its Monday rather than Thursday- but see what works with Coach Hall.

>>If you can't make it to practice, please let me know. Work, parents, injury, illness- I'm very flexible & understanding. If you just don't want to practice, ask yourself how much you really want to be on squad though. No hard feelings if you don't, but please let me know and please return your gear if that's the case. I don't know if you realize it, but rumors seem to be out there about whether or not some of you are quitting. Its your business and I won't be mad at you but if I never see or hear from you I don't know where you stand, so let me know. Thanks.


Alternates- The BVCS Cheer Squad may or may not have alternates depending on the talent level at tryouts. All alternates are required to attend all practices and other events with the team. Alternates will only perform in uniform if another squad member is absent (due to Illness, injury, academic eligibility or family function) or if asked by the coach. 
If uniforms are available, the coach may decide to have the best performing alternates perform at home football games and/or pep-rallies during football season, but only full-time squad members will perform at away football games and at all basketball games.
At the coach's discretion, an alternate may be asked to take over a position of a team member if their skill level is higher than the current holder and the current team member is not able to perform their duties as a Cheerleader and is not progressing in their cheerleading abilities. 
Alternates who perform well and attend practices regularly will be given special consideration at tryouts; this may include receiving up to but no more than 10 extra points added to their lowest judges' score or waiver of one of the three faculty recommendation forms.

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