Monday, February 09, 2009

Season winding up

Okay, bear with me here. I checked with Hannah, who is secretary to both the A.D. & the principal and this is what she has:

  • Feb 9 Mon 6:00 pm G BB vs. LoMa
  • Feb 13 Fri 6:00 pm B BB vs So. Cal (H) (FRI HOME GAMES mean PEP RALLY!)
  • Feb 14 Sat (TBA) District BB ("TBA" meaning, they haven't decided if we have a game that day or not. IF GAME, Coach gone, wedding photographer)
  • Feb 16 Mon District BB (Coach gone, Daughter's med. appt. in Iowa City)
  • Feb 17 Tues District BB
  • Feb 19 Thur BB 2nd Districts
  • Feb 20 Fri Regional BB
  • Feb 21 Sat Regional BB
  • Feb 23 Mon Regional BB
  • Feb 24 Tue Regional BB

I'm sorry that it's about to get so crazy again. Usually we've only had one tournament time, Districts- but the new conference ADDED all those conference tournaments that we just finished. Believe me, I'd like to write them some nasty letters. Other coaches tell me they're cheerleaders are near mutiny.

Speaking of that- Kelsy and Makayla asked on Facebook about lettering. I didn't respond because I wanted to give you the official policy from the official Boyer Valley Athletic Policy handbook-

1. Cheer at every assigned athletic event:
a. Unless illness, then notify sponsor.
b. Must be present to support the team if unable to cheer,
but able to attend.
c. May miss no more than one game during football season
and two during basketball season- excused or unexcused
2. Must complete each season unless:
a. Injured in competition or practice
b. Illness
3. Must be, in the opinion of the sponsor and other faculty
members, an asset to the squad and the entire student body.
Factors considered:
a. Over-all conduct and citizenship
b. Cooperation
c. Faithful practice attendance and work
d. Training habits
e. Must do a fair share of the work in preparation for games
and other cheerleading/dance activity.
4. Practice requirements:
a. Must attend every practice unless

In other words, I'm not sure anyone would letter for this season. I know it sucks, but think of it this way, no one had to try out, no one had to go to camp, four of the six weren't even sure they were on board to cheer when the season started, I had to promise that we'd only cheer home games to get some of you to come out at all, and we've had maybe a grand total or four practices all season. You guys have done great, I really appreciate you and can't thank you enough for coming out and cheering like you have. I really hope that you'll stick it out anyway, for the sake of school spirit and pride, even if there's not letter at the end. I also REALLY want to encourage all of you to come back out for football season next Fall- a lot fewer games makes it a lot easier to get a letter!

Sorry for all the confusion about how many games and what days. Believe me, I more that appreciate how burnt out we can all get at this point in the season.

Remember, we need to schedule an afternoon to take team pictures too!


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