Friday, February 06, 2009

New Online School Calendar

The new free online calendar will allow community members, parents and students to access the school’s calendar from any internet connected computer. The calendar also has a subscribe feature that will notify subscribers by email of any change to the calendar or subscribers can specify which events they would like to receive reminders about prior to the event. In addition, the new calendar will allow readers to filter information. The calendar can be filtered by the category of the event, or it can be filtered by the different calendars combined in this one district calendar. There are other user options as well such as downloading events to an outlook calendar if you utilize that program. The user can always revert back to the normal master calendar by going to the right hand corner of the calendar and clicking on normal.


If a parent only wanted to see the district events and elementary events, he/she could filter that information by going to the calendar filter in the right hand corner of the calendar, clicking on “include calendar filter,” and then clicking on the “elementary calendar.” The district wide events cannot be removed or filtered out.

If a parent only wanted to see the boys’ basketball schedule, he/she could filter the categories down in the bottom right hand corner. Click on “filter,” then click on “categories,” and finally click on the categories you would like to see.

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