Thursday, February 19, 2009

Re: Cheer this week

  • We won pretty handily Thursday night, so...
  • TUES 2/24- Boy's Tourney TBD (I'll let you know bus time as soon as I can)
  • THRS 2/26- Boy's Tourney @ Lewis Central
I'd say that if we win Tuesday, we should have a pep-rally Thursday. I don't think we need one Tuesday just because it wouldn't be fair since the girls didn't get one.

How about either MON 2/23 (Cammey's birthday). We had something come up on WED 2/25 and I'll have to leave school before noon. So please bring your uniforms (and hair care products) If Mon doesn't work for any of you, please let me know asap.

Anybody talk to anybody? Please try.

Don't forget, June 19-20, SO worth the effort.

  • Thurs 04/09/09 BV Girls Invitational
  • Thurs 04/23/09 BV Junior High Invitational
  • Tues 05/12/09 BV Bulldog Invitational
Just so you have it on your radar plenty ahead of time. Write them down, please let parents and employers know- same with camp.

Thank you
again for how committed you've all been.


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