Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cheer this week


  • THRS 2/19-Boy's Tournament (HOME) 7pm- please be there by 6:30
  • TUES 2/24- Boy's Tourney TBD (I'll let you know bus time as soon as I can)
  • THRS 2/26- Boy's Tourney @ Lewis Central
I'd say that if we win Tuesday, we should have a pep-rally Thursday. I don't think we need one Tuesday just because it wouldn't be fair since the girls didn't get one.

Kaitlyn is pretty serious about getting team pictures taken, she sent me a text at 10 last night!
How about either MON 2/23 (Cammey's birthday) or WED 2/25 (mine) right away after school?
Please let me know which of these days works better or if neither of them work for you so we can make sure everyone knows. It should't take too long, it all just depends on how many buddy shots you want or how creative you need me to be. 4 or 5 is certainly easier to deal with than 6 or 8 or 9.

If Christian doesn't want to do it, I don't want to make him (but I figured you might want him to, Mom) or if he needs to take the bus or needs a ride to Dow City after, or whatever, let me know. Brett only did it once in the 8 seasons he was mascot.

Anybody talk to anybody? Please remember to try to encourage at least two people to at least think about coming out for cheer. I've talked to Renea, Megan Behrendt, and Ashley Thompon. Renea is playing volleyball, Megan pretends not to hear me when I talk about cheerleading, and Ashley thinks she may be attending Denison next year, but both Ashley and Renea are interested in the UCA camp at West Harrison June 19-20.
I never see Tiffany Melby and she doesn't have Facebook, but I'm pretty sure she'll cheer- I just don't know what seasons. Anyone talk to any 9-11 graders?

Don't forget, June 19-20, dirt cheap $60, if that's actually too much, Iet me know, we'll work something out. PLEASE, no kidding, SERIOUSLY, set it aside. Impossible for Christine, next to for Sasha (although I still think you should talk your Mom into letting you at least come Friday) But Kens & Kait- it will be SO worth it. You can't believe how caluable this is.

These are the ones I know about and have confirmed with Ernie and Hannah, although JoEtt says that there are another two that she has on her calendar at Woodbine. Everybody needs to do at least one. If you're on both Cheer & Drill, you need to do two. If you're out for track, you have to either make arrangements with the track coaches or get someone to take your place. I know it's a bear, but I also know we want warm-ups and poms.
  • Thurs 04/09/09 BV Girls Invitational
  • Thurs 04/23/09 BV Junior High Invitational
  • Tues 05/12/09 BV Bulldog Invitational
We MUST be there IMMEDIATELY after school because the meets start at  either 4 or 4:30

Thank you
all for doing such an awesome job all season and for sticking with it this whole season. I could't have asked for anyone better (just more of you).


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