Monday, October 08, 2007

Old School

LA Lutheran Fight Song
Oh, we will fight for the blue and white team
Oh, we will fight for Luth'ran High

May her colors ne'er be faded,
May her glory never die.

Loy-al to our dear school team
Raiser her banner to the sk.

Oh, we will strive to win her fame,
In honor of her name,
Hur-rah for Lutheran HIGH!

LALHS Alma Mater
Oh, Luth'ran High, we sing thy name, our own high school
Thy faith be ever more they fame, and love be thy rule.
Full grounded on the Savior's love, upholding truths eternal.

Strong may thy counsels in our lives direct our ways.
Beneath thy banner blue and white, in hallowed halls,
Oh campus fair and field so bright, we strive one and all.

Now may thy Godly lessons taught, and friendships true and loyal,
Fore'er enshrined withing our hearts,
Oh Lutheran HIGH!

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