Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Make some noise

I know it can be discouraging to try to encourage the crowd and have them be unresponsive. Sometimes they're focusing on the game, not the cheerleaders, sometimes the game isn't going very well (like last Friday), and sometimes they're just busy being social. That's why I copied off this article and put it in your mail boxes. Maybe it can give you some ideas...

Get Those Fans Yelling in the Stands...
Read this entire article at www.cheercoachmagazine.com
by Beth Blose
and Varsity Brands

... Ways to Keep the Crowd Involved

Do you ever feel like the crowd at the game would rather yell at your cheerleaders than yell with them? Sadly, many fans think pom-poms, mega phones, and cheerleaders flying through the air are distractions from the game. After all, fans are there to watch the game, not the cheerleaders. But there are ways to get fans to appreciate your squad and understand what they’re truly there for, which is leading the crowd.

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