Friday, October 12, 2007

Old School; Go Big 'Red'

Here's a picture of BV Cheer Alumn, Audrey and one of her boys. Below is a letter she recently sent me. Please keep her sister and their families in your prayers.

Hi everyone. How have you all been? Everything is going pretty good here.

For those of you who don't know, my sister Joy has to go back and have another bone marrow transplant. My mom is going up there to be with her this weekend and will be there for at least a couple weeks. She had an idea to see if we could get 10,000 paper cranes made before Joy has to leave the hospital. I would love to see how many we can all get done. If you know how to make them great. If you don't attached are some instructions. I thought if we could each make 100, we could reach the goal of 10,000 in no time. I started yesterday, and have 30 done so far. You can either send them to Joy yourself or give them to me and I will send them for you. Here is a little story about Sadako and the paper cranes. Well, not the whole story just a summary of it (Just so you understand why we want to make them). After the story there is the hospital address where Joy will be.

Sadako Sasaki was an ordinary 11 year old Japanese girl, that had survived the Hiroshima bombing when she was 2 years old. Nine years later, she had a dizzy spell on the playground at school. She was brought to the school nurse and she told Sadako’s family that they should have her checked out at a hospital. So they did and sure enough Sadako had luekemia, “the atom bomb disease”. She was shipped to a hospital for people with diseases, mostly luekemia, and while she was in the hospital, her friend visited her and gave her a crane she had folded. There is a Japanese tale that if a sick person folds one thousand paper cranes, the gods will make them better. Her friend taught her how to fold them and she got started. For a long time she stayed in the hospital, folding cranes. She got over 600 folded, but she died before she was done. Her classmates folded the rest and buried them with her.

You can send the paper cranes, your cards and mostly your prayers to
Tamesin (Joy) Goodchild
University of Wisconsin Hospital
6th floor-Cancer wing
600 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53792

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