Saturday, October 13, 2007

A little more 'Old School'

This is my friend Christina. I stole her picture at a Laker's game from her MySpace. I'm really proud of her. She cheered for me in junior high and then for both my wife and me on Varsity at LA Lutheran. Now she's 25 and SHE's the LA Lutheran Cheer Coach! She left some comments on our tag board over on the right side menu there a few days ago. That was her in that photo of the full-extension. So if you ever wondered, that;s her.

Oh yeah, (embarrassing story time) she's also the one who cried to me one practice when I was working on pitch and volume with them- "but Mr. Mallory, I can't make myself sound like that, I'm a princess!" By Senior year, she had as deep and loud a voice as any cheerleader I've known. Loud and PROUD!

Love you C!

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