Monday, October 22, 2007

Cheer this week

No practice this Thursday Oct 25. Since Maple Valley has their Parent/Teacher Conferences are Tuesday and Thursday, I need to take Grace to Dance at Sheri's & Julie's by 4:30.

I know that everybody's sick, but it would be awesome if we could practice everyday Mon, Tue, & Wed since it is the last game and the last rally. Although, as important as stunting might be to you all, be aware that Kensie's MD thinks she may have pulled something in her knee, which is why it caused her so much pain last Friday.

As you know, we need to finish painting the run through and plan a pep rally. Two things to keep in mind besides Seniors are;
It's Woodbine (you could enlist either ex-twiner Straight or Johnsen if you like) and if VB wins on Tuesday there may be post-seasonal pep rallies.

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