Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New squad's first game

This bottom picture is deceiving. There actually was a pretty good crowd- on the other side of the bleachers and for the Varsity game, but on THIS side, for the JV game... we pretty much cheered for Mrs. Pippit and her little friend.

As I started to say last post- WOW. What a talented bunch. They were even making up new chants on the fly, which I've only seen much more experienced squads do. They're fairly well in sync, they're fairly loud. Best of all for a first game, (especially since they've really only learned half our "list") they chanted really frequently. And they got the crowd on it's feet and making noise- and THAT, after all, is what cheerleading is all about, Charlie Brown. And they all got along and cooperated with each other- that's the icing.

When we got onto the bus players were applauding us and telling us how proud they were of us.

Now I have to be careful because I don't want to take anything away from these girls, but I'm always pretty cynical and skeptical. It could be that some of these were underclassmen since it was a JV/V boys game, until now we've only been at Varsity only games. It could be because (not to disparage any past cheerleaders in any way, but) these are some pretty cute girls, maybe the boys just like having more "hotties" on squad. It could be that these are more "popular" girls, and that would be a bummer to me. I'm one who believes that there is no "cheerleader type," anyone can be a cheerleader, I loath the cliques and social cast systems that seem to dominate high school life.

But you know what it COULD have been... I could just have been that they did a damn good job. I know I'm proud of and impressed by them.

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