Thursday, November 24, 2005

Extra Games

Greetings from Sioux Falls and Happy Thanksgiving,

Just wanted to give you the heads up that our season may be starting even sooner than we thought.
Since I've been at BV we've only cheered at games that are both B/G Varsity, but Wed AM Mr. Straight told me that he missed us at Tuesday's game. I reminded him that we'd barely had 4 practices, but he thinks it would be good school spirit if we were at the handfull of B JV/V and G JV/V games too. (thank goodness he didn't say F/JV games too- I think I need a bogger stipend!)

Anyway...point being, our first game's Tues Nov 29, not Sat Dec 3. Mon we'll have to sort out the old uniform thing- but let's try to do it quickly because we'll have a LOT of work to do in practice.

"Spankies" are another issue. Wear what you have if you have black or purple or what ever from Drill etc. If however, you don't have ANY or you have a prior committment or your parents just won't let you- I won't penalize you toward your letter since I had not planned on us having this game. Spankies should come soon though, they ship separately from the rest of the uniforms.

FYI I got the P.O. and the call-in order for shoes done Wed. too, but they dind't give me an estimated time of arrival, sorry.

If you have your notebooks and you have any free time at all this weekend, try to do a little review. Hope your stoked, I am. You're 6 things I'm thankfull for this Thanksgiving.
If any of you have their emails- can you pass word on to Vicki & Kristen?I still don't have Vivki, Kayla, & Kristen's emails entered into my address book yet- but I already spoke to Kayla Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!

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