Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I was saving this "old school" graphic for if/when I ever made entries about my days at LA Lutheran, but it seemed to go with this photo. Our new (sleek, ultra-contemporary, black uniforms will take a few weeks to get shipped. And unfortunately at least 2 football cheerleaders still haven't returned their uniforms (I hope that's only a matter of oversite or neglect and not spite or theft)- So, things being as they are... the girls decided to go "old school" and half wore the current uniforms and half wore something from the late nienties. It reminded me of Thanksgiving, when the football teams wear uniforms from the '70s. But they LIKED it. It was even THEIR idea, not mind. No complaits whatsoever. Wow.

Did I mention how wierd/cool it is to have such a positive group of people who rarely whine or complain and almost always cooperate? On top of that they did AWESOME last night. You wouldn't have know that it was their first game. More on that in the next post- with a couple more pictures!

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