Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hunting Dogs

Football Cheerleaders - Larissa Park, Nichole Kline and Nikki Stewart, please return you cheerleading uniforms, poms, warm-ups and bags as soon as possible.

Mascot Needed
- Physically demanding, must be healthy & in decent shape- not prone to dehydrate or faint easily, Need to have your own ride from school late at night after games, Can’t be on D/F list (ineligible), Should be funny, energetic, creative, & good with little kids. Please see Mr. Mallory ASAP or talk to a current cheerleader. If several people inquire, there may be tryouts before Christmas.

So here's the saga of the mascot search: Brett (our previous mascot) prefers football, basketball games are too hot & too crowded for him. So he's ready to take a season off.

I DESPERATELY tried to get one girl to do it, bus she's on Drill and didn't want to be sweaty and gross for Drill performances, and her mom hates me and doesn't want her to have anything to do with Cheer anymore- CLICK HERE FOR BACKSTORY.

Another former cheerleader desparately wants to be mascot and I like her and part of me wants to just hand it to her, but she is SO dramatic and moody and needy. I love her to death, I really do, but things are running so smooth for a change and I'm spread so thin between family, school and Church right now, it's hard to give a greenlight to being Dr. Phil for someone again. Besides, she's the other one who's mother hates me and "once bitten, twice shy," as far as having to tangle with her again. CLICK HERE FOR that BACKSTORY.

Another candidate who keeps showing interest is a Senior boy with Downs Syndrome. His resource room teacher and I both have concerns. It's a seriously taxing job. Hot and hard to see. And you are constantly being chased by little kids who want to pull your ears, teeth & tail. Then there are the late nights. Last night (a Tuesday) I got home around 11pm. His elderly grandparents would have to pick him up from school after games.

Two other kids told me they'l like to do it, but one guy lives in Harlan so he's concerned about the cost of gas- and not missing his Narcotics Anonymous meetings. (Awesome kid, seriously, I like him a lot). And the other one doesn't have good enough grades.

So at this point I'm hoping I get a few more candidates this week so that we have to have a tryout next week, although the season is already underway. I tried encouraging somebody at the game last night and I've asked the girls to recruit as hard as they can this week. Oh, how I wish Brett would stick with it or that Kenny Kahl Jr. had a younger clone.

It sounds cory and petty since people are staring and losing their homes to floods and earthquakes and dying in wars, but if you think about it, please say a prayer for me and ask God to deliver us a new mascot or at least grant me the wisdom and strength to figure out what to do in this siduation. Thank you faithful readers!

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