Friday, November 11, 2005

Basketball tryouts

What a treat! 10 candidates showed up, only 2 performed below a 60% average. What a nice problem to have. So this season the difficult decision is choosing the 6th member- 3 candidates all performed about equally well. One Junior, one Sophomore and one Freshman. I'd be posting the new squad right now if it didn't come down to those three.

One is known for absenteeism, one for being surly and uncooperative, and one for being flaky and having poor grades. That makes all 3 sound pretty bad- like why would I pick any of them- but all three have great potential and performed really well at tryouts. I'm thinking that I want one on, one I want to convince to become mascot, and one I'll leave off. What's pushing me that way is not the "rolls her eyes a lot" comments I got from so many teachers, but the rumors that she's likely to get caught at a party and receive an MIP.

We have a meeting with the Varsity rep to get fitted for uniforms Tuesday.

I really hope the other one takes meup on the mascot issue. I've asked her before and she hedged. I can't completely blame her, that is a hot, smelly job.

Stay tuned... I'll try to post the new roster ASAP. Will it be Monday or sooner?

suspence! suspence!

to be continued...

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