Friday, August 17, 2012


Please plan on practicing after school next week, M-Th (Aug 20-13). It may end up being 3:30-4:30, but just plan on 3:30-5:00 just in case. Here are some things that we'll need to focus on:

  • Drawing/Painting a Run-Thru. Exira-EHK are the "Spartans." Any ideas?
  • Planning & possibly rehearsing our first Pep Rally for Friday Aug 24
    • General outlines usually include:
      • Fight Song
      • Cheer
      • Have XC Captains speak
      • Cheer
      • VB Captains speak
      • Cheer
      • FB Captains speak
      • Cheer
      • Fight Song
    • SO... we need to choose 4 cheers & have someone contact Senior Starters/Captains on each team and ask them to plan on saying a few words.
  • Get Mali (our other alternate) up to speed on the Fight Song Dance & as many cheers as possible- this will be a great chance for everyone else to review what we learned at "camp" last week.
  • Work with Chelsea a little, give her a chance to come up with some improv ideas for Cujo and maybe even help her learn some cheers.
  • Volunteer/Assign Hospitality for home games. Take a look at the calendar and see what works for you. Got a favorite recipe? I believe we have 5 home games this year.
  • Daily Stretches & Conditioners:
    • Before we work on all this other stuff, we will spend 3-5 minutes stretching each muscle area:
      • Arms/Neck/Shoulders
      • Abs/Trunk/Core/Torso
      • Legs/Hamstrings/Ankles
    • Then whatever other conditioners you're doing on your own, everyday, together we will:
      • 5-10 push-ups
      • 15-30 crunches
      • 16-24 standing cross-crawls
  • Alumni: Rena said she'd LOVE to help any time. I told her I'd let her know and maybe ask her back in another week or two. Meanwhile, Samantha Bonham doesn't leave for college for another week and she asked if she could help with practice so she may be joining us next week. If you need help with the dance or particular cheers she'll be glad to lend a hand. Thanks Sam! 
    • It may work good to have Sam work with Mali and 1 or 2 others of you, I'll work with Chelsea, and the rest either work together or work on painting that run-thru.
  • Almost forgot- Yes, time permitting (we have a lot to deal with in 4 days) we will work on stunting. I'd especially like to get Jade some experience basing on the 1/2 extension/prep. But that may end up being something to work on more the second & third weeks. Might be a good reason to bring Rena back too.

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