Friday, August 10, 2012

Great week at "Boot Camp!"

Awesome week of Cheer "Camp." Tons of cheers, tons of jumps, tons of conditioners, lots of crowd-encouragers, great fight-song dance, and (as you can see here) plenty of stunts & mounts too!
This squad makes me really proud and they're gonna make Boyer Valley proud too!

Special thanks to Class of 2008 Alumna Rena Hayden who helped me coach Wed-Fri. We appreciate you.

2012 Football Cheer Squad
Seniors Quincy Baker & Shannon Zehner
Sophomore Jennifer Zehner
Freshmen Catherin Dublimske, Larissa Hollinger, & Kaitlyn Holden
Alternates, Freshmen Jessica Hollander & Mali Bounsana
& Mascot, Freshman Chelsea Willis

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