Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I got into an experimental photography mode this game. These first two shots are of the two veterans, Kensie & Kaitlyn, both of whom could probably be models if they wanted to. Very photogenic. Above in Sepia, below in black and white.

This game was literally a "nail biter." We lost it 53-52 rather than 53-49 because of a last second 3 point shot, but it was close the entire game. Ironically Kensie isn't biting her nails in this picture, because she does it more than everybody else.
This one has kind of a retro feel, like it's a 40 year old Polaroid and the colors have faded.
Traditional style- showing them having tons of fun (which they did, especially during the girl's game, which we won by at least 30)

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