Tuesday, December 09, 2008

An apology to Basketball fans, players, and coaches

It's been a rough start, but I swear, we're gonna be okay

I am really sorry that we missed the Dec. 1 Home JV game against Woodbine. In past years we've only performed at home Varsity G/B, not 9 or J/V so I was surprised by it. At the time Sasha and Kelsey were both sick, MecKensie was at the hospital in Sioux City for her Aunt, and as you may know, my brother-in-law was found dead that morning so I don't know that we could've cheered anyway.

For the Friday, Dec. 5 Varsity home game 4 of the 5 girls were gone with the Drill team and I had to be at my brother-in-law's viewing, and I couldn't see having MecKensie cheer alone.

Just so you don't feel like you need to talk to me about it tomorrow, they won't be there again tonight (Tues Dec. 9). I haven't had a chance to tell the cheerleaders yet that we need to be at all home games, even if they're JV. We still haven't had a full practice yet, I have a MS game this afternoon, we just yesterday confirmed that Cammey Hast will be able to be on squad and we haven't gotten a uniform for her yet. And to be honest with you, I'm still feeling pretty shredded, both emotionally and physically.

This is who I have this season:
Sasha Meggers
MecKensie Jensen
Kaitlyn Bonsall
Kelsey Muff
Cammey Hast

As I said, Cammey didn't know if she had permission from her parents until yesterday. Kaitlyn, Kelsey and Cammey had told me that they could only come out for cheer if they only cheered at home games. I discussed it with Sasha and MecKensie and thought that (only for this year) maybe we should just cheer at home games, as opposed to only having 2 away cheerleaders. Chaise Fraiser had planned on cheering, but last week she told me that her parents weren't going to allow her to.

I've been hearing it from students and I feel badly, but I'm telling you- I bend over backwards trying to recruit. I'd love to have 20 candidates and hold tryouts to select the best 6 or 8. There's just too many girls that are too committed to playing Volleyball and Basketball.

I've been doing this for 15 years and it's important to me. I care about this sport, I care about school spirit at BV, and I care about these girls like they're my own kids. Please be patient with me. I'm confident that we'll finally manage to dig in and do a great job. I really think that these glitches have been an anomaly.

Thank you for your understanding,

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