Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MS Cheer 2008-09

Tiffany, Renea, Holly, Kayli, Katie, Lara, and Lexi take a break between games.
Renea & Tiffany take to the air, showing off their super-human powers of levitation!

Getting the crowd going at half time.

No kidding, I've said it before and varsity veteran, Christine backs me up on this- no offense intended to former junior high cheerleaders, but this is gotta be the best middle school cheer squad I've seen in years, maybe ever! Loads of thanks to both Christine and Kassi for all the times you've helped with 7th hour practice. Especially this past couple of weeks with my family issues, your work with these girls has been immeasurable and invaluable. I SO hope that every one of the girls in this bunch gets bit by the cheer bug and come to love it enough that they all want to cheer in high school too, because they're fantastic. You make Boyer Valley proud, ladies!

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