Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Way to go Drillies!

I had several requests to post these pictures on Facebook, but my home computer seems to be down with a virus again and of course Facebook is blocked at school (rightfully so, in my opinion). So here they are. If you're on Drill, or a Drill parent, feel free to click on the picture to see it full sized, and then "right-click" on it in order to save a copy on your own computer.

Congratulations to the Boyer Valley Drill Squad won first place in the "pom" category, second place in "hip hop" and third in the "show"

So let's see here... Rachael and Natalie were awesome cheerleaders in junior high and I wish they'd come back, but like VB & BB too much... Cammey and Kelsey are gonna cheer this basketball season... so is Kaitlyn, who cheered last year... Sasha, of course, my rock, has been cheering since 7th grade... and Kristen cheered a couple of years ago... Victoria's sister was an incredible cheerleader years ago, but of course, she's a total VB/BB jock... and Megan has thought about coming out a few times but ends up sticking with VB or BB. And all the rest of you are more than welcome to give cheer a try one of these days, you know! BV is very proud of all of you. Great job again this year!

4-year SENIORS!!!

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