Thursday, August 23, 2007

Womens' Equality Day

Obama for America

Dear Ted,

Celebrate Women's Equality DayWhen real change happens in this country, it always comes from the bottom up.

This Sunday, we celebrate the anniversary of a time when women came together and made America live up to its promise of equality. Women's Equality Day marks 87 years since the Constitution was amended to ensure that women have the sacred right to vote.

I'm proud that our campaign has been powered by the activism and passion of so many women.

Across Iowa, women have organized 50 official Women for Obama groups. These groups have organized statewide house parties across the state to celebrate Women's Equality Day.

America is ready to usher in a new era, and we're working with people like you to build a movement to challenge Washington, DC. Take this campaign into your own hands and join our cause:

Like all hard-won freedoms, the victories of the women's suffrage movement deserve to be celebrated. But they also call upon us for something more.

Bound together with the right to vote is a responsibility to participate fully in our system of government.

Women for Obama is reaching out to communities of women who do not vote -- women who have grown cynical about our politics; women who have lost faith in the ability of our elected leaders to address their concerns; and women who are tired of the deceptive practices and other obstacles that have prevented far too many from exercising their right to vote.

We are organizing voter registration, education, and mobilization efforts across the country to help women protect their rights and make sure their voices are heard.

Please join us in these efforts, and take a minute to become a part of Women for Obama:

When I think about the strength of the women in my life, it's hard to imagine that our society ever considered them less than equal.

These amazing women raised me, educated me, and taught me what it means to be an American. Their generosity and passion for helping others is what inspired me to enter public service.

But the fact is, women are still fighting for equality -- women are still fighting for equal pay for an equal day's work. Women are still fighting for the support they need to be good workers and good parents at the same time. It's up to all of us to continue that fight and to honor the achievements of those who fought before us.

Honor the efforts and sacrifices of generation after generation of strong women. Join Women for Obama today:

Thank you for your support,


Barack Obama

Disclaimer: Remember-
This is not an official BVCS site. The views expressed here and the links provided here are not necessarily those of the school, it's administrators or board. This site is the sole responsibility of Coach. Now, I will tell you too, that I have not made my mind up on who I'm going to vote for, but I loved Senator Obama's book the Audacity of Hope."
I went ahead and posted this here because I believe that young women (including cheerleaders) should know about and recognize women's history. The right to vote is something that should be treasured and exercised. So remember August 26, 1920- the 19th Amendment gave you that right. Women should be loud & proud!

Happy Equality Day!

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