Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Today we just about got "the cradle." I'm confident that we'll get it down pat long before our first game. Then I hope we can move on to even greater things like a full extension, Liberty, Splits mounts and other stunts.

I haven't had a squad get this far on stunts and mounts since I coached in L.A.

Goes without saying, I'm really proud of this squad.

Oh, they also happen to be REALLY LOUD and have pretty good, low, deep pitch. On the other hand, we only picked up one more for junior high- that makes... two. Hmmm....

I appreciate that so many girls want to play volleyball. I'll live if we have to wait till basketball season for JrHi cheer. There's only 2 home JrHi football games anyway. Now those 2 girls and the 2 mascot boys may hate having to go back to study hall 7th hour but they'll live. We'll see.

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