Friday, August 24, 2007

Fall Pep Rallies

Just so you'll have a heads-up way ahead of time. Fall pep rallies are any Friday that there is a home football game. 2:55 should be fine unless otherwise announced. Naturally, cheerleaders will need to be dismissed earlier (2:40 should do it) to warm-up, and get set up. Mr.Stump will no doubt have a time for dismissing band members.

2007 Fall Pep Rallies:
Sep 7
Sep 21
Sep 28 (Homecoming)
Oct 12
Oct 26

Barring bad grades, incidents, accidents or other acts of God, the 2007 Fall Spirit Squad includes:

SR Rene Hayden
SO Christine Harriot
SO MeKensie Jensen
SO Sasha Meggers
SO Megan Nielsen

SO MaKenzie Henkle- Mascot

Karen &/or Coaches/Sponsors- please send me a copy of your rosters as soon as possible. Obviously I'll eventually need them for Yearbook, but I'd also like to have the Cheer Squad revive the old tradition of decorating lockers for FB, VB, XC, StuCo, and maybe SciBowl and Speech/Music teams too.

Also please let me know when you have Butch scheduled to take your group pictures so that we can get yearbook pictures too. As long as we're at it, all club and organization sponsors- we'd like to get your group pictures earlier this year instead of waiting until the last few weeks. Please let me know when you plan to meet (Activity Period, whatever) if you'd like to have your group picture taken. I need to know at least a day or two in advanced so that I can assign a student if I can't get there myself ( I have a MS class during Activity Per.). If you have official membership rosters/lists/rolls, those would be helpfull too.Please also be sure to be taking pictures of your group's activities throughout the year.

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