Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Football Cheerleading

Here's the sitch:

Our first football game is
Aug 31 Treynor Away 7:30 PM

On the up side-I have to prepare for a presentation to the school board Mon Aug 20, so between that stress and the fact that you all know your fundamentals and really only need to review chants, I don't think we need to start practicing till Mon. That way you can ease into school this first week.

On the down side- It sounds like Megan may be moving to Sioux City again and Kassi Hamer told me that she was planning to cheer for basketball but not football. That takes us down from 5 to just 3. So, if there is ANY way that any of you who are receiving this would be interested in helping us out, you won't regret it. I think that football season is a lot easier than basketball, it's got Homecoming, and it is a ton of fun. Please think about it and talk to me this week to let me know. It would be awesome to actually have 6, but I'd just love to have more than 3. Especially with Kensie and Rena both having bad knees.

Then there's the whole mascot thing too. Know anyone? Rosie plays football so he may want to do it for basketball but wouldn't be available yet this fall. Any of you think you'd like to try playing a 7 foot dog? Woof!



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