Monday, May 07, 2007

Release Date Changed
Available in 2007

Chicken Soup for the Soul has teamed up with American Cheerleader Magazine to celebrate America's Cheerleaders with Chicken Soup for the American Cheerleader Soul. We all need the support and love of our squad to keep us positive as we go through every day life.

Chicken Soup for the American Cheerleader Soul features great stories of courage, dedication and overcoming adversity. You'll enjoy one inspirational and uplifting story after another. You'll also hear from devoted fans who share how cheerleading has touched their lives.

Whether you are a longtime cheer fan or not, you'll be inspired by the wonder of the colorful personalities who cheer us on every day. Chicken Soup for the American Cheerleader Soul takes the victory as the best Chicken Soup book ever! Topics Will include but not limited to:

Cheer Camp Teamwork Role Models
Making a Difference Fabulous Fun! Life Lessons
Leadership School Daze Competing Craze!
Overcoming Obstacles Tryouts

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