Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Originally published in the 1967 Farmers’ Almanac

• Always call them "Mother" and "Father,"or "Dad."

• Always introduce people to your mother. No matter how important the other person is, begin: "Mother, I’d like you to know"?

• When your parents introduce you to their friends, make them proud. Stand up for an introduction, and acknowledge it with the friend’s name: "How do you do, Mrs. Carter." Don’t sit down, while either your mother or Mrs. Carter is still standing.
• If your parents’ friends ask questions, even though they seem a little foolish, answer. Never say, "I dunno" or just giggle. Admittedly, "You’ve grown so, haven’t you"? is silly; but it becomes sensible conversation if you answer, "Yes, I’m nearly two inches taller than I was last year."

• If your dad tells a story involving you and gets some of the facts wrong; let it go. Setting him straight in front of an audience just sounds quarrelsome and childish.

• Let your mother precede you into a train or bus, or down a theater aisle. In these places, walk ahead of your father.

• Treat your mother like a lady and your father like a gentleman, and you can’t help impressing the world with your own charm and poise.

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