Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Off Season

Kensie & Christine find this time of year a little "hairy" what with studying for exams and all that. Congrats Kensie on moving on to State for Girl's Track, good luck tomorrow!

Jessica chews Sasha's ear off- literally.

Once upon a time I thought about using this blog as a jumping off point for eventually writing a book about being a male cheer coach. Never have seemed to find the time or the self-discipline.

Once upon a time I thought about using this blog as a personal journal about the trials and tribulations of being a junior high and high school cheer coach. But it seems like too many cheerleaders and occasionally parents actually read it and once in a while I'd strike a nerve or otherwise just say something that someone would take issue with. So, in the interest of good PR, I tried to totally back off of that.

Which left this blog kind of a fun photo album/scrap book for my cheer squad and a (hopefully) a means of communicating to both those cheerleaders and their parents. I'd like to hope that it is also a way for my former cheerleaders and mascots to get a glimpse of what we're going now and hopefully get back in touch with me or each other.

So here is a teensie bit of news and notes:

  • Congrats Seniors, Angie, Cassie, Kim, Halley, and Brett!!! And the whole class of 007
  • Good luck Angie on being an alternate for UNI's cheer squad- I sure hope someone quits so you get called up!
  • Happy Birthday Rena! May 15
  • Welcome back Megan, glad you're healthy- keep that way (Phil 4:4-8)
  • Congrats Kensie on going to State for Girls' Track, take care of those knees
  • Happy birthday Sasha! May 9
Football Season 2007
  • At this point, Football Squad looks like; Rena, Sasha, Kensie
  • Kassi still doesn't know because of work and family
  • I tried recruiting soon-to-be-Freshmen; Kaitlyn Bonsall, Brittany Williams, and Taryn Fouts, but didn't hear back from any of them.
  • I don't know if the school will consider Megan's special circumstances when considering grades and permit her to cheer next Fall or not, but I'll look into it.
  • Christine REALLY wants to, but a lot depends on this summer and mom
  • We have no bites from possible mascot candidates, got any ideas?
Summer Camp
  • The Morningside Clinic this year is June 9 already! I can give you information if you want it, but I'll be in Phoenix with my family on vacation
  • The West Harrison coach told me at a track meet that UCA will be hosting a two day camp for $60 at Iowa Western CC later on this summer. She promised to email me about it but I haven't gotten anything yet. I'll try to let you know ASAP
Basketball Cheer 2008
  • Jessica might think about basketball cheer, but she's not sure (I can't imagine she'd pull herself away from Weber and Dunham and the pine to cheer again, we'll see)
  • Vicki Jones, Kristen Head, and Kayla Donscheski have all told me that they're interested in basketball cheer next year- Jonsie even plans on recruiting Ashley Reetz

Junior High 2007-08
  • Sad to hear that Tiffany Krier is planning on transferring to COU, but all the other 7th graders, Ali, Holly, Natalie, Racheal, Elsa, Sam, and Josie are all INCREDIBLE, so it should be a great year
  • Christian Liesinger would be happy to mascot for the next 5 years and eventually tryout to become "Mr. Met."
"Cheerlumni" Notes
  • Ken Kahl BVHS '01 is the Dir of the Donna Reed Festival and has a PR firm in Denison
  • Moe Clemon BVHS '05 received her Associates from Brooks Art Institute in Long Beach and plans to attend a University in either Sydney Australia or Cairo Egypt next year to study Middle Eastern languages and culture
  • Christina Hernandez LALHS '00 is now the cheerleading coach at Lutheran High in Sylmar
  • The classes of 2001-2003 are all due to be finishing up college this month- PLEASE email old Coach and let me know where you are, how you are and what you're doing (heck that goes for all of you, all the way back to the class of 1993
    • RUMORS; Dave Anderson BVHS '02 is moving East to be in some military band or something? Todd Cogdil BVHS '03 is finishing at ISU, Jenn Bonsall BVHS '03 is finishing up at Georgetown and interested in the Obama campaign, "Jake" Kuerbiss LALHS '02 is finishing up at UC San Diego and "Joey" Hager LALHS '02 is finishing up at CSUN, Gina LaMont LALHS '03 is getting married, Randi Stephens BVHS '05 is studying radiology at Briar Cliff
    • Keeping tabs on anybody else from Boyer Valley or L.A. Lutheran cheer squads? PLEASE, let me know! At the risk of getting all kinds of spam, here's where you can reach me-

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