Friday, September 01, 2006

So Far, SO Good

Kens shows off her great guns

"Old Christine" stole Coach's hat

Freshman! Kens and Megan try to see/hear what Rena, Sasha, & Christine are doing on the other side of the volleyball net in the gym during our very first pep-rally this year.

Megan pulls off the fight-song dance without looking too nervous.

It's still kind of a rocky road, but I'm still managing to stay positive.

Sasha decided she wanted to cheer after all. Wish she'd made that decision last May so I could order a new uniform that would fit her. Fortunately she is an awesome good sport about wearing an old one!

Our Spanish teacher took me aside toward the end of our first pep rally today and asked me if any of our Freshmen cheerleaders (4 out of 5) had cheered in junior high. I asked why she wanted to know, she said because they were SO GOOD for Freshmen!

They did do a REALLY good job for their very first. Whew! I think we were all nervous.

Imediately afterward, Susan, a Junior who transfered to BV this year from Charter Oak asked if she could join next week. Maybe we'll be 6 strong after all. Cassie, a Senior who was on basketball cheer last winter told me that she really missed cheer after the pep rally- I told her the door's always open.

Rena's frustrated that the new Band Director wouldn't let her do the fight-song dance with us. The band is pretty tiny and she's done a super job of teaching it to the dance Freshman, so I'm okay with her playing instead of dancing. It's more important to me that she doesn't get a big head or too bossy just because she's the one Junior among all these Freshman. I want her to remember that true leadership is servant-leadership. I also don't want her to get too territorial if "New Christine," Susan, or even (that'll be the day) Cassie join the squad.

So tonight's the first game. I'm taking a major risk, Megan and Kensie don't have their physicals into the office yet, but I'm planning on letting them cheer. They tried to get into the doctor this afternoon after school but couldn't get appointments till Tuesday.

The grapevine rumors are that there are a ton of people who want to try out for basketball. I'll believe it when I see it. Rena says she's not planning on coming out in the winter. I'd love to get all 5 of last year's basketball squad back plus one. If the competition is too steep for this football season's Freshmen, I sure hope they come back next Fall for football again. We haven't even gotten started yet, but I know they're going to ROCK!

So it's still a bit of a rocky-road, so rock on!

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