Thursday, March 23, 2006

Not quite so "Old School"

Four of the Six members of my first squad at Boyer Valley in 2000-2001.

Left to right: Audrey (aka "Big Red" ala the stupid "Bring it On" movie) she was a good leader (and not near the bitch in the movie) Now she's a mom, a farm wife and a part time college student, hopefully still someday to become a world famous chef and not nearly the wild child that she was in school. I always enjoyed talking with her and though she'd make a great coach someday. She could fly, base, jump, MC a pep rally, teach chants to rookies, and man could she yell!

Next is Christina Rose, also a decent leader and helluva yeller. Also a bit of a wild child, but then I'm pretty much a prude. Great sense of humor and a patient teacher. Last I heard, she's working on her coaching endorsement but has her eye on Drill more than Cheer. Her baby brother has worked as mascot for us some this year.

Then there's Jenn. Sharp, accurate- great backround in Drill/dance/even ballet. Man, could she kick! She's now at Georgetown working on a degree in Sociology. She and I could talk forever about Art and politics. I wish I could hook her up with Kenny, who was mascot the year of this picture, you know how you always want to get 2 people you care about together so you'll be more likely to stay in touch with both of them longer? But alas, he wants to move back and farm and she wants to stay in DC and save the world.

And then there's Sadie. She's just a wee Freshman in this picture so she'll probably hate me posting it. She went on to become every bit the leader that Red was. Between me and some melodramatic squadmates, she put up with a lot. She also became an awesome Yearbook Editor too and can she draw and paint! She had just enough Texas in her to make her a great cheerleader too. Everybody loved Sadie. She had a huge crush on Presidential candidate, NC Sen John Edwards. She is an EMT and was pre-nursing in college, but the rumor mill says she has a boyfriend in Missouri. I hope she sticks with it and gets a Bachelor's Degree and I hope he is worthy of her because she deserves the best.

Not pictured are Iris the Art goddess, Candace the tiny, and of course Kenny as Cujo

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