Thursday, March 23, 2006

The biggest squad

Here's the 1998-99 Football Varsity squad at Malibu High (yes the real Mailbu- doesn't look like PCA on "Zoe 101" from Teen Nick does it?) This is a rare picture with me in it, all that means is I can't find and official team picture from this year either. Let's see if I can remember everybody... left to right. Kristen, an excellent runner and actress. She had awesome jumps. I regret not getting closer to her but her older sister was one of my yearbook editors and we got really close. Then there's Jerry (aka "Jake), Amy, "Joey," Nicole, Christina, Cortney (she and Kristen were best friends, I think they called themselves "Heckle and Jeckle." Major hyperactivity when those two got together) she had awesome jumps too, and Win Sun "Winnie" Yoon- she was fresh of the boat from Korea and totally new to cheerleading, but she did great at had tons of fun.

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