Tuesday, November 23, 2004

BLOG entry

> Varsity should be alright. Last week we reviewed basketball chants and practiced getting up into "preps" (half-extensions). Part of me is still frustrated that we can't get together for regular, consistent practices. But to be honest, another part of me doesn't mind "putting them on cruise control," and being less of a coach and more of a "sponsor." Especially since I don't have a free period this year, I can keep up with teaching, I can work on these websites, and I can go home and be with my family.

> Mixed feelings about JrHi- We went from 5 to 3. One girls quit before the end of football- she's constantly on the D/F list and so is intelligible anyway. Another had her dad pull her out because she had one D and one F, our rules would have only suspended her for a week. A third's doctor told her no PE & no Cheer indefinitely due to a heart condition. She's pretty gung-ho to disregard doctor's orders, but I'm not comfortable with that, not when it's a heart thing!

So we went recruiting. We had 4 girls interested. Unfortunately, the 2 eighth graders only lasted a day. I was looking forward to having them because they were x-basketball players. But oh, well. The 2 seventh graders show a lot of promise- of course, our first game is Dec 3! We'll see how much we can teach them in 4 days next week!

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