Monday, October 20, 2014

Things to know for Playoffs

See for more/commplete listing of Spirit (Cheer, Drill & Mascot rules).
  • No run-thrus (tunnels or human gauntlets, like last game) are permitted. Sorry ):
  • Eight cheerleaders (all in uniform) will be admitted free to football playoff games, but any number may cheer. They just need to pay their own admission.
Violation of following rules may result in canceling the school's insurance covering cheerleaders:
  • NFHS Spirit Rule 2-3-2: “Fingernails, including artificial nails, must be kept short, near the end of the fingers.” ICCA/IHSAA addition: “All nails, including artificial nails, must be cut to a length so that the nail is not visible when the cheerleader holds up her/his hands from the palm side. This is what is considered safe.”
  • NFHS Spirit Rule 2-3-3: “Hair must be worn in a manner that is appropriate for the activity involved. Hair devices and accessories must be secure.” ICCA/IHSAA addition: “All cheerleaders’ hair must be pulled away from the face and off the shoulders: i.e. ponytail. This would be for both stunting and non-stunting squads. Ribbons may not have large or hard objects (including sequins of any size) sewed or glued onto ribbons. Metal barrettes that are small and flat are legal – banana clips and large floppy bows with streamers are not legal. It is not legal to tuck hair behind the ears – hair needs to be SECURED away from the face – this includes bangs falling into the eyes. “Bumpit” hair inserts are not legal.”See for further clarification on hair rules.
  • NFHS Spirit Rule 2-3-7: “Glitter that does not readily adhere on the hair, face, body, uniform or costume is illegal. Glitter may be used on signs, props, or backdrops only if laminated or sealed.” ICCA/IHSAA addition: “No spray on/roll on glitter. Glitter in eye shadow should be minimal.”
  • 2-1-7 Participants are not permitted to have gum or candy in their mouths while cheering.
  • 2-3-1 Wearing any jewelry is prohibited AT ALL TIMES (including practices) except religious or medical medals which shall be taped to the body under the apparel. Items should not be draped around the neck even if they are taped to the body. All silicon bracelets, hair ties, belly button rings, spacers, tongue studs, upper ear cartilage rings, safety pins, corsages, friendship bracelets, spirit pins, etc. are considered jewelry and must be removed. Jewelry cannot be taped over; and fishing line, etc. cannot be put through the pierced holes. Wrestling cheerleaders may not have pins on their uniforms, pillows, or on the floor near them. Coaches also need to remove jewelry when participating.
  • 2-7-2 Basket tosses, elevator tosses and similar multi-base tosses are permitted only on grass (real or artificial), a mat, or a rubberized track. Tosses are not permitted on gym floors.

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