Thursday, October 30, 2014

Living in the 'House of Pain,' & Lovin' it!

I want to make clear that I am insanely proud of and grateful both to and for this squad. You are great at what we do. You encourage and inspire the crowd to encourage and inspire the team. THAT'S what cheerleading is all about, Charlie Brown.

You've ALL show plenty of leadership this season; initiative, creativity, intendedness, flexibility, poise, cooperation, etc. From the games we added to run-thrus, to the Puppy Clinic, to the decorating Jennifer had planned for this last game, stunting, and crowd-encouragement, especially breaking off from the student section to rally fans in the far reaches of the stands. That's what teamwork is all about, Charlie Brown.

Do I worry about some of your choices? Boys, the fact that leggings and compression shorts are NOT real pants, drama, social media, talking smack outside of school with kids from other towns? Rebelling on stupid things like piercings and ponytails (not to mention what you call me sometimes)? Sure. But I wouldn't trade ya for the world. It's been an awesome ride (don't say anything about the ride to the West Harrison game- anybody would've got lost on THAT detour!). This season is what memories are made of, and THAT is what Fall Friday nights in high school are all about, Charlie Brown!

I for one can't wait to see what this Basketball season is gonna be like. Keep that Bulldog spirit up, Ladies (and Nick). LOUD&PROUD!

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