Friday, May 13, 2011

There's no excuse for not cheering.

What You Get out of it: Cheerleaders gain confidence, poise, and leadership. These last a lifetime!

What You Do For Your School: Cheerleading promotes school spirit, pride, enthusiasm, identity, community and sportsmanship for the whole school.

If you don't like the stereotypes of cheerleaders- go out for cheer yourself, or encourage someone to who won't be just another stereotype!

Are you scared? You'll never know if you can do something until you try!

So you say you're worried about grades- You're probably going to the game every Friday night ANYWAY, why not cheer while you're at it? Either I, or your squad-mates can help tutor you if you need it.

So you say you're worried about being involved in too many things- Volleyball, Cross Country, Drill Squad, Student Council? That's a Plus, not a Minus- it's one of the best parts of being at a small school. Statistics show that the MORE involved a kid is in high school, the better their grades and the more successful they'll be in college. I am the most flexible coach you'll ever have. Cheer won't take too much of your time. We used to practice 3 days a week, but now days, if enough of you have enough previous experience or skill, we can get away without it. I'll say it again- You're probably going to the game every Friday night ANYWAY, why not cheer while you're at it? 

If you don't want to go out because you don't like someone else who's going out- Guess what? Maybe they won't make it! Unless of course there aren't enough people going out (because you don't) then they're pretty much all that's left, so of course they'll make it.

Is it because Coach Mallory has nagged you so much about coming out for Cheer that you're sick of being harassed?  Sue me. I believe that cheerleading is good for you and for our school and I believe that you'd be good at it! Is that so bad?

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