Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011-12 Football Squad Announced

  • Cammey Hast and
  • Kayla Sternberg
  • Emmie Elizabeth Wood 
  • and Quincy Baker and
  • Jennifer Zehner and 
  • Ally Kahl
And of course, as always, Senior Christian Leisinger as Cujo.

I am excited about this group. It's been a stressful few weeks trying to recruit, but the cheerleaders we wound up with are all positive kids with good attitudes and good grades. Each is athletic and has experience with  cheerleading, dance, and/or gymnastics.

I will keep squad members and their parents informed if/when I hear about opportunities for one or two-day cheer clinics if they are still available. The most likely one would be at Morningside University in Sioux City, which is usually in late June or early July. This would be a great opportunity and really inexpensive- but I recognize that softball and family vacation schedules may make it difficult.

Because we weren't able to meet at the end of the school year, between Track meets, the 8th grade field trip and softball practices- I would like us to practice for 3-4 days the first week of school. I know that I sold some candidates/parents on membership with the promise that Cheer won't be more of a burden on cheerleaders than just Friday nights, and because of their participation in Volleyball, Cross Country, and Drill Squad, I will try to keep our practices to a minimum, but I would like us to learn/review/refresh and get used to each other as much as possible in just those few days.

Because of their past experience with cheerleading and their outstanding qualifications, I have told Sophomore Katie Cogdill and Junior Taylor Rassell that the door is still open to their joining the squad if they'd like to. Although I didn't go so far as to officially designate them as "alternates."

In the best of all possible worlds, these 7 squad members would continue cheering all year long, but I recognize that Christian and Jennifer and probably Ally are already planning on just Football season. I also know of at least three candidates who had told me that they were interested in cheering for Basketball. Therefore we will probably have to hold tryouts again in November. Please encourage positive students that you think would be great cheerleaders or mascots to try out.

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