Monday, April 20, 2009

Track Concessions Thurs 4/23

Remember workers, if you need to trade, you can ask your parents, NHS members, or other cheer or drill members, but please let Mr. Mallory know about the arrangements you make as soon as possible.
Jen Houston mentioned to me that she might be working for someone, but I don't remember if it was Victoria or Johanna. We need everyone to work because I need to also take MS track pictures for yearbook. I start all the  track meets, and originally I work 2 and 1/2 and Mrs. Cogdill would work 2 1/2 but she can't make it this week, so I will work this this whole one and she will work the next two. So I really need a full crew. Thanks for your help everyone.

Cheer & Drill Track Concessions Workers

Anyone not signed up by or before April 3 was arbitrarily assigned by Mr. Mallory.

Please be there as close to 3:00pm as you can because this meet starts at 4:00 and we'd like to be able to be open for business ASAP. Keep in mind that there is a 1 pm early dismissal this Thursday for Easter weekend.

  • Thurs April 30 Harrison County Junior High

Christian Liesinger
Christine Harriott
Johanna Brown
Victoria Kirk
Samantha Bohnam

Mr. Mallory
(Mrs. Cogdill can't make it, she has another engagement)

It is mandatory that all  Drill Team members,  Cheerleaders, and Mascots help with track concessions. 

If you have a conflict, it is your responsibility to work it out with your track or golf coaches, parents or employers. Please make sure that you inform Mr. Mallory of any trades or substitutions.

Thank you all for your help! This is a great group, so I know we'll have a lot of fun.

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