Thursday, April 09, 2009


Here are some girls I am especially fond of. 4 of these 5 ladies have cheered since junior high and I really think of them each as a goddaughter. Hope their parents and real godparents don't mind. That's Cammey running hurdles above.

Kensie and Cammey had to run in the first home track meet. Can you tell it was cold? Cammey came in and worked concessions after she was done. She does have an awesome work ethic, but I suspect that she wanted to warm up a little.
Christine is working all the track meets to fill in where other people can't (and to get some service hours for NHS) She's also Yearbook Editor. Think she's important to me? You should see what a beautiful painter she's becoming too- without having taken Drawing first!
Sasha is such a steady Eddy. And (at least as far as I ever see) mellow and easy going too. If Christine is Rabbit and Kensie is Tigger, then Sasha is probably Pooh. And school spirit? Her blood runs purple. Gettin to be a pretty good photogrpaher too.
Rena came back to visit from Buena Vista. We tried to talk her into helping at the concession stand, but she's paid her dues. Her Junior & Senior years, she probably worked concessions more than all her classmates combined, when she didn't have to cheer, that is. This Spring she's trying out for her college's squad. Good luck!

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