Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hey kids,

I've been doing some work on our school's website. It's always a work
in progress; I'm trying to fix some things that we could do better and
add some new things that I've been learning.

Please give it a visit and bookmark it as one of your favorites. If
you're on a school computer, you may even consider making it your

How many Boyer Valley students, parents, and alumni do you have in
your email address book? Recent grads in college? Any over in Iraq or
Afghanistan? I've had some tell me that since their Publisher's
illness, the Dunlap Reporter hasn't been able to maintain their
website, so recent graduates come to our school's site to see what's
going on.

Have any ideas for how we can improve it? Is there anything that you
or your parents feel like you need on a school website? Let me know.
On the bottom of the page there's a "contact our website coordinator"
link, click it and send me an email. The goal is communication. You
can help me make it the best school website around.

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