Thursday, November 29, 2007

BV school website

Always trying to improve the website, I've been working on a couple of
things the last couple of days.

* About a week ago SOCS updated our template, that meant that you
can now see more headlines on the front page and the navigation
section has been cleaned up a little with "drop-down" menus.
* We totally revamped the "Standards & Benchmarks" page under
District; Curriculum. Lots of thanks to AEA rep. Terri Bush and BVN
Title Reading teacher Alison Leisinger for their help with that.
* It dawned on me that I haven't been utilizing the top banner
position, so I coded-in scrolling marquees to with the Drill and
Basketball teams good luck in their contests this weekend. This will
be a great way to flash important announcements (like cancellations
and postponements due to weather)
* SOCS now offers polls. We could have a different poll on every
section and subsection if anyone has any suggestions. I put a simple
presidential Iowa caucus poll on the front page. Vote early and vote
* And... TaDa! I revamped our masthead. It just seemed like
another way to help Boyer Valley's website stand out from other
school's, not that the in-house graphic designers at SOCS don't do a
great job- but I really like the new look.

As always, please email me anything you think should get put on the site.

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