Friday, September 28, 2007

Old School

Cheer Alumni, Brett, 'Nuke', and RandiSue come home for Homecoming. Ah the memories, like when the girls locked Brett out of the van when it was so cold that night, or when they spat in his Coke. Or the time on Halloween night when he jumped out of the trees and they thought he was Bigfoot and screamed! Good times.

Just so Kensie doesn't have to feel so singled out, here's another video. Randi can still dance the fight song. She literally will cheer in her sleep, or so she claims. To add injury to insult, Coach forgot that he can't hold the camera sideways for videos until the song was about done.

SHOOT; Obviously the video didn't upload right. Did you curse me, Randi?
Never fear- I shall RE-upload it bright and early on Monday morning, heh heh heh (maniacal laugh).

Thanks Rand.

Love you kids (now College-type grown-ups)!

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