Tuesday, September 25, 2007

007 Yearbooks

007 Boyer Valley Yearbooks
By Ted Mallory, MS/HS Art

2007 Yearbooks are $36. Extra copies
will be given to Secretaries Karen Staley at BVS and Marvel Handstead at BVN so that they will be available to purchase in the school offices.

2007 yearbooks will be on sale before and after school and during 3rd period from Mr. Mallory. Students should not come between classes or during lunch.

Students who pre-ordered copies of the 2006-07 yearbook can pick up their yearbooks from Editor Bonnie Erlbacher, Ad Director Vicki Jones or Yearbook Advisor, Ted Mallory in the Art Room (219). You can't pick up a book for someone else without a signed note from that person.

Yearbook staff members will soon be selling advertising and taking orders for the 2007-08 Book, keep an eye out for them.

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